MyRobo is a place where children nurture and discover STEM in a fun way. It gives them a pathway to live their passion and embrace it through out their life. MyRobo intends to continually move into the areas on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning and use the power of technology to the benefit of social causes.

Enabling your kids


Each kid is different and needs to be provided with attention. To this, we have carefully planned a plethora of subjects ( Lego to paper to Arduino) to ensure that your kids experience structured learning. Our training curriculum offers the much needed skills and techniques to think of real life scenarios and methods of solving them.
We offer four levels of classes for your kids

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We take a holistic approach towards development of kids. Our teaching philosophy revolves around arousing curiosity, teaching technology through scientific examples, culture of collaboration, develop a family bonding. Learn More

Our Story


It is widely predicted that robots will take over jobs from humans by 2030. We thought of it the other way. Why don’t we use the power of technology, help our kids learn and augment technology with the immaculate power of human brain and solve real life problems? Learn more


A lot of parents, including us try to compare institutes. So did we. Our studies forced us to aspire to stand out from others and continually offer the latest in technology and behavioural sciences. We wanted to standout by

  • Being hungry for knowledge
  • Realizing that your success is our success
  • Having the agility to learn and move fast
  • Continually innovate using our innovation hub

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Kids love to play with toys at a young age. They like to draw their imaginations. When kids become more mature, they tend to look at real life scenarios. We have utilized some of these concepts to build products that enthuse kids and arouse their imagination.

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MyRobo news

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